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organisation committee 


 The Organisation Committee for this conference consists of:

    Stefanie Werner, German Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
    Leo de Vrees, European Commission, DG Environment
    Dagmar Larws, German Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
    Nicole Wanders-Wengler, European Commission, DG Environment
    Stephan Haufe, German Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
    Samuli Korpinen, HELCOM (Baltic Sea)
    Irina Makarenko, Bucharest Convention (Black Sea)
    Habib Elhabr, Barcelona Convention (Mediterranean Sea)
    Lex Oosterbaan, OSPAR (North-East Atlantic)
    Eduard Interwies, InterSus Sustainability Services
    Thomas Dworak, Fresh Thoughts



The Conference Report is online here.

The "Message from Berlin" is online here.

The final version of the Issue Paper is online here.

Marine Litter Conference on Twitter