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You can download the Conference Report here! (324 KB, pdf)

You can download the final version of the Issue Paper here! (841 KB, pdf)



DAY 1 – Wednesday 10 April 2013

13.00-14.00 Opening:

14.00-16.00 Plenary: “State of the art” at the global and regional level regarding the issue of marine litter

16.30-17.15 Plenary: Target setting at EU, regional and national level: How can reduction targets for marine litter help to focus measures?

DAY 2 - Thursday 11 April 2013

8.30-11.00 Plenary: Moving towards measures for combating marine litter

11.30-13.00 Plenary: Good Practice examples: what is done so far (to prevent and manage macro and micro litter with focus on plastics from primary and secondary sources)?

Existing measures (good practices) presented in more detail:

14.30-16.00 Plenary: New initiatives and commitments - success factors In this session, stakeholders present their specific initiatives and commitments for the future. Focus is on what is needed in cooperation with others to make this initiatives work.

New initiatives/commitments presented in more detail:

19.00-22.00 Evening schedule

3 parallel sessions - Speed presentations: Five minute presentations on possible actions and measures by attendees

Room Köpenick: Clean Coast Israel - AMIR (462 KB, pdf); Social Plastics - BAER (275 KB, pdf); Sustainable Cruise - BERTORELLO (5721 KB, pdf); Marine LitterWatch - BRUUN (298 KB, pdf); Coastwatch - DUBSKY (395 KB, pdf); Stakeholders' proposals - FERNANDEZ BAUTISTA (104 KB, pdf); Upcycling Facility - GUTIERREZ-GARCIA (363 KB, pdf); JRC Sealittercam - HANKE (77 KB, pdf); Education-Booklets for kids - HECKHAUSEN (21176 KB, pdf); Satellite based plastic waste monitoring - KEUCK (225 KB, pdf); Seperation and quantification of plastic particles - LAFORSCH (5329 KB, pdf)

Room Charlottenburg: Clean Sea - LESLIE (129 KB, pdf); Waste recycling ships- LINDENAU (643 KB, pdf); MARNOBA project - LOPEZ-SAMANIEGO (420 KB, pdf); Microplastics - MAES (397 KB, pdf); Thoughts on legal responses - STOEFEN (84 KB, pdf); Marine Litter Scotland - MALLON (111 KB, pdf); HELMEPA - MASTROCOSTAS (179 KB, pdf); Open H2O Coordinators - MUELLAUER (2379 KB, pdf); reduce marine litter from ships - PEELEN (120 KB, pdf); Docapesca - PEREIRA (225 KB, pdf); Ghost nets - PREDKI (303 KB, pdf)

Room Grunewald: Beat the micro bead - REGMANN (1147 KB, pdf), Marine Litter Activities - SCHMIDT (152 KB, pdf); BIOCLEAN - SCHNEIDER (139 KB, pdf); ALDEBARAN - SCHWEIKERT (140 KB, pdf); Microplastics in cosmetics - THOMPSON (106 KB, pdf); Prevention of proliferation - VAN WEENEN (202 KB, pdf); Plastic free environment - VODDE/ZIEBARTH (74 KB, pdf); KIMO Baltic Sea- WINGREN (152 KB, pdf); ZEWS project - ZORZO (230 KB, pdf); Clean coastline - HELLSTROEM (9 KB, pdf)

DAY 3 – Friday 12 April 2013

8.30-10.00 Plenary: Presentation of the way ahead for the four regional action plans

10.30-10.40 Presentation of the Message from Berlin, wrap up of the conference and further outlook (Jochen Flasbarth – German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), President) (331 KB, pdf)

10.40-12.00 Panel Statement and discussion

  • The speech of EU Commissioner Janez Potočnik can be found here.
  • The speech of T.D. Irish Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government Fergus O’ Dowd can be found here.
  • The remarks of Jacqueline Alder, Coordinator, FMEB/UNEP can be found here.



AWI (1505 KB, pdf); AWI (262KB, pdf); BalticSea (10902 KB, pdf); BiPRO (1755 KB, pdf); CETMAR (163 KB, pdf); CleanSea (1561 KB, pdf); DBU (813 KB, pdf); EUCC (895 KB, pdf); GFZ (978 KB, pdf); HCMR (133 KB, pdf); HCMR (338 KB, pdf); HCMR (4838 KB, pdf); Heckhausen (762 KB, pdf); ICBM (583 KB, pdf); IMSA Amsterdam (672 KB, pdf); KIMO BalticSea (2796 KB, pdf); Marine Litter Watch (496 KB, pdf); Marine Scotland (745 KB, pdf); Marlin (100 KB, pdf) Marlisco (1165 KB, pdf); Marlisco (1024 KB, pdf); Medsharks (161 KB, pdf); MICRO (397 KB, pdf); NABU (815 KB, pdf); NorthSea (13215 KB, pdf); Plastics Europe (4803 KB, pdf); Sustainable Cruise (5721 KB, pdf); UNEP (417 KB, pdf); University of Bayreuth (5329 KB, pdf); University of Osnabrueck -OSPAR(623 KB, pdf); University of Osnabrueck -MSFD(139 KB, pdf); Water protection EC (290 KB, pdf); WDC (1039 KB, pdf); WFO (5346 KB, pdf)


The Conference Report is online here.

The "Message from Berlin" is online here.

The final version of the Issue Paper is online here.

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