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Here you can upload information on existing measures/initiatives to combat marine litter. For guidance we uploaded a set of measures collected by ARCARDIS in the context of the EC service contract "Pilot project '4 Seas'- plastic recycling cycle and marine environmental impact -Case studies on the plastic cycle and its loopholes in the four European regional seas areas- Project number BE011102328. Please use the search function to view them.
Contributions are also welcomed after the conference. However, uploads prior to the conference may be shared with the participants as a source of inspiration.

Name of the initiative:
Responsible organisations:
Type of organization:
Partner organizations :
Geographical area targeted:
Regional Sea targeted:
URL (to the initiative or responsible organization):

Type of Marine Litter targeted: All
Abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear
Plastic waste (all types of plastic waste)
Consumption waste:
     Food- and beverage related waste (plastic and glass bottles, 'six-pack' rings, plastic caps/lids, disposable cutlery and cups, straws, etc.)
     Plastic bags (small plastic bags, plastic shopping bags)
     Smoking related waste (disposable lighters, cigar tips, cigarette butts)
     Bathroom waste (sanitary pads and/or tampons, diapers, razors, cotton bud sticks etc.)
     Other (Medicines, Clothing, Paper, Balloon Ribbons, etc.)
Production and transport related waste (resin pellets, wooden pallets, industrial packaging and plastic sheeting, straps)
Location of the litter targeted: All
Coastal area; Seashore/Beach; River banks
Sea surface
Water column
Land based sources targeted:
i.e. who has to undertake action or change behavior
Individuals (Consumers; Tourists; Youth etc.)
Solid waste managers and companies (Port authorities; Municipal sector; Private sector)
Industry & Businesses (Retailers, Plastic industry, Ship-Breakers etc.)
Sea based sources targeted: None
Ships (Cargo ships; Ferries/cruise liners; Recreational boats; Military vessels; Fishing vessels)
Offshore mining and/extraction

Starting date:
End date:

Description of the initiative
Type of Initiative (initiated by the responsible organisation): Command-and Control measures (including legal measures etc.)
Market-Based measures (including fiscal measures, taxes, subsidies etc.)
Investment in infrastructure and equipment
Financial (incl. donations, sponsoring etc.)
Education and Outreach
Research and Development
Litter monitoring
Stakeholder coordination
Other (if you tick of "Other", please provide your own labeling of the type of initiative):
Objective: Design for the Environment-DfE (Reduction of the number of material(s) or of different polymers used in products; Development of materials with less environmental impact and more value at end-of-life; Design for re-usability and recyclability - design products that are easier to re-use, upgrade and/or recycle)
Quantitative prevention (e.g. reduction of production and consumption waste)
Prevention of waste from entering the aquatic environment (Improved implementation and enforcement of legislation; Improved collection; Reduced littering; Avoidance of dumping at sea or on land; Engineered landfills; Avoidance of spillage during production or transport)
Increased re-use and recycling
Remediation, (i.e. collection of marine litter)
Raising Awareness
Understanding the problem
Brief Description of the Initiative:
max. 1632 characters (including space)

Cost of the initiative:
Challenges for implementation of the initiative:
Actual results/impacts:
Negative impacts/trade offs:
Expected results/impacts:

Contributor and further contact person for request
Implementing Body (body that implements the measure):
Assessor (person who assessed the measures as part of a case study):
First name*:
Last name*:
Job Title:
Organisation Address*:
Pdf upload (Max. 2MB):

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The Conference Report is online here.

The "Message from Berlin" is online here.

The final version of the Issue Paper is online here.

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